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                  Uses self-developed storage control chips to provide a complete high-security and high-performance storage solution for customers.

                  April:  Goke sealed a strategic partnership with Loongson Technology to  deliver SSD Controller GK2302, which is the best choice for client SSDs in PCs, servers, terminal devices, and network devices.

                  March:GOKE JAPAN(GOKE JAPAN株式会社), a wholly-owned subsidiary company, was registered in Yokohama-City, Japan. It is engaged in the research and development of integrated circuits and the sale of products.


                  November:The company officially released China’s first dual-certificated (OCSSA&ITSEC) SSD controller chip, GK2301.

                  July:The company was listed on the GEM of the Shenzhen Stock Exchange, stock code: 300672.


                  December:The company was incorporated into the integrated circuit design companies within the national planning layout.

                  August:The company was approved to establish "Hunan Solid State Storage Engineering Technology Research Center.

                  January:The company officially released China's first high-end solid-state storage controller chip GK2101.


                  November:The MPEG2 decoding chip (GK6105S) which supports NDS advanced security encryption wins "Best Market Performance Award” in 2015 the 10th “Chinese Chip Competition".

                  November:The company is awarded the 2015 "China Excellent Enterprise in ElectronicInformation Industry".

                  June:The Hunan Industrial Alliance of Integrated Circuit established. GOKE has beenelected to be the Chief Director Unit.

                  June:GOKE introduces the technology-leading high-definition monitor chips with highintegration level and low energy consumption.

                  December:GOKE - East China University of Science and Technology's joint laboratory for multimedia technology is established
                  October:GOKE industrial park of integrated circuit design is officially put to use.
                  December:The accumulated sales volume of GK6105S chip reaches 10 million.

                  December:December GOKE lays a foundation stone for the industrial park of integrated circuit design (Changsha).

                  December:December GOKE is awarded “the Changsha Technology Innovation Demonstration enterprise".    

                  December:December The high-definition audio processing chip wins award of "the Most Potential Product"; and the company wins the title of "Top Investment Valuable Enterprise" in the 8th "Chinese Chip Competition".

                  March:The DBS decoding chip GK6105S wins the 7th “China Semiconductor Innovation and Technology Award"


                  December:GOKE is designated as the first integrated circuit design enterprise in Hunan province by the State Ministry of Industry and Information Technology.

                  December:The MPEG2 decoding chip (GK6105S) which supports NDS advanced security encryption wins “Most Potentiality Award” in the 7th “Chinese Chip Competition”.

                  November:GOKE is identified as "High-tech Enterprise"

                  September:The SIP DBS demodulating and decoding chip GK6105S wins "Changsha Science and Technology Award".

                  November:GOKE develops MPEG2 decodeing chip (GK6105S) ---the first chip that supports NDS advanced security encryption, which fills a domestic gap in this field.
                  September:The Hunan GOKE micro-electronics corporation is established in Changsha.
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