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                  Solution Introduction


                  The next generation China DTH high-definition set-top box solution is designed using China independent intellectual property rights, especially including three key technologies: TVOS2.0 (Smart TV Operating System), Beidou Satellite Navigation / Positioning System (“Beidou”) and DCAS (Downloadable Conditional Access System).  It’s a high-performance, reliable, safe and open high-definition STB solution. The solution is customized to meet and even exceed the demands of China DTH market and operators.

                  Solution Features


                  Solution Features

                  Support TVOS 2.0

                  ABS-S signal receiving and demodulation

                  Support unidirectional DCAS

                  Support emergency broadcast

                  Support Beidou Satellite Navigation / Positioning System

                  Support secure boot

                  Co-existing of ABS-S and Beidou signal on one antenna feeder

                  H.264/ AVS+ HD decoding

                  Information backhaul by GPRS/3G/4G module

                  USB, Ethernet, Wi-Fi

                  Built-in secure storage chip

                  HDMI output

                  Built-in TEE (Trusted Execution Environment)

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